As a true purpose-driven organization, V.K. is committed to solving all the problems of the farmers. We are a family of over 250+ driven individuals. that work together to ensure that there’s no hunger, poverty or inequality in the process of advancing climate change and economic expansion

Our Mission 

Farmer Earns Most

Our Vision

Leader of Irrigation and Micro Irrigation in India.

Founder’s Message

“I’ve dedicated 35 years of my life to driving Climate Resilient & Sustainable Agriculture practices, firmly believing in the transformative power of managing Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. My single-most aim in life is to make irrigation possible on undulated land in India, saving our precious irrigable land from becoming a wasteland. Together, we can empower farmers, boost crop yields, and preserve vital water resources, all in alignment with ESG principles.”

Quality process

VK started in 1989. Our passion is to enhance yields and conserve water through precision irrigation. Our Rain pipe stands as the market’s finest, boasting flexible technology and original patented innovation, with ISI Mark. We strive to help farmers grow more of any crop in any climate, ensuring their hard-earned money is spent on modern, cost-effective, and durable solutions.

Our Story

We don’t compromise with quality. The quality process starts from the very first process of manufacturing, we are dedicated to use only high quality selected raw material. Standard testing as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and testing of the finished products in our advanced equipment laboratory ensures the standard quality from which we have graduated. Each finished bundle is packed separately with PP plastic, which makes it export worthy.



VK International specializes in manufacturing high-quality irrigation systems featuring flexible and foldable woven lay flat tubes for various applications such as rain irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, and lay flat tube setups. Here’s how each of these systems might be utilized:

  1. Rain Irrigation System:

    • A rain irrigation system typically involves distributing water over a large area, simulating natural rainfall.
    • The flexible and foldable woven lay flat tubes can be deployed across fields or gardens to evenly distribute water, mimicking the effect of rain.
    • These systems are useful for watering crops, promoting healthy plant growth, and managing soil moisture levels.
  2. Drip Irrigation System:

    • Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the root zone of plants through a network of tubing and emitters.
    • The flexible lay flat tubes can accommodate drip emitters at regular intervals, ensuring precise water delivery to individual plants.
    • Drip irrigation conserves water by minimizing evaporation and runoff, making it an efficient choice for agriculture, landscaping, and gardens.
  3. Lay Flat Tube System:

    • Lay flat tube systems are versatile and can be used for various irrigation applications, including flood irrigation or transporting water over long distances.
    • The woven lay flat tubes are designed to be durable, flexible, and easy to transport and deploy.
    • They can be customized to suit different water flow rates, terrain conditions, and project requirements.

Key features and benefits of VK International’s irrigation systems with flexible and foldable woven lay flat tubes may include:

  • Durability: The woven construction enhances strength and resistance to punctures and tears.
  • Flexibility: The ability to fold and unfold facilitates easy storage, transportation, and installation.
  • Customization: Systems can be tailored to specific requirements, such as flow rates, pressure ratings, and length.
  • Efficiency: By delivering water precisely where it’s needed, these systems help conserve water and optimize irrigation practices.

Customers seeking reliable and efficient irrigation solutions may find VK International’s offerings suitable for a variety of agricultural, landscaping, and water management projects. As with any irrigation system, proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential for maximizing performance and longevity.